Occupational Health & Safety

Amendments to the Criminal Code have expanded the scope of corporate and individual criminal liability for workplace accidents. The new Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code further complicates the situation.

Companies and executives in high-risk industries - construction, manufacturing, petroleum, mining, forestry, or any business at risk of workplace accidents - must protect themselves against accidents and their costly and time-consuming repercussions.

McLennan Ross offers a complete range of services to help organizations of all types and sizes avoid difficulties in the changing OHS regulatory situation:

  • Due Diligence Program: McLennan Ross assists clients in designing a safety and risk management program to minimize the risk of serious workplace accidents and prosecution.
  • OHS Compliance Service: Whatever the problem, when it comes to compliance issues under OHS legislation, we can help.
  • Defence Services: We defend clients charged with regulatory offences including Occupational Health and Safety and environmental offences.
  • Customized In-house OHS Seminars: Get the information you need without discussing your problems and questions in public, avoid wasting time and money on irrelevant information, and get fast answers to your questions - on your terms, in your facilities - with a seminar that's custom-made to suit your situation.
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  • Assisted employers in conducting internal OHS investigations
  • Defended owners, prime contractors, employers and employees charged with OHS offences in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories
  • Commenced a constitutional challenge against a government policy that attempted to ban all lawyers, including the lawyer representing the actual witness being interviewed, from being present during a compelled statement with an OHS officer investigating a serious workplace accident
  • Drafted prime contractor agreements for large oil sands expansion and urban development projects
  • Represented employers on a section 37 OHSA Disciplinary Action Complaint before the OHS Council
  • Represented employers with employees refusing to perform dangerous work
  • Commenced an inquiry with the Privacy Commissioner to obtain a copy of a witnesses’ own statement given to OHS officers investigating a serious workplace accident
  • Provided in-house OHS legal training to large and small corporations from across Alberta and British Columbia
  • Assisted large corporations with aligning health and safety procedures for legislative compliance in multiple jurisdictions
  • Prepared and revised OHS policies for employers
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