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Our Financial Services Practice Group is an experienced team with a proven record of success in servicing lenders and borrowers alike. We are committed to offering timely, reliable and practical advice, tailored to meet your unique needs. Our expertise continues to develop in a continually evolving financial industry as we strive to provide innovative and strategic solutions in a cost effective manner.

Our team advises a variety of clients including chartered banks, trust companies, venture capital funds, credit unions, mortgage companies and other financial institutions, in a broad range of sophisticated secured and unsecured debt financing transactions, often with a multi-jurisdictional component. We can help you from the initial loan commitment stage to the final stages of security documentation preparation and funding.

We understand the importance of credit to your business, and assist borrowers in a wide array of lending situations including term loans, syndicated financing, commercial real estate financing, operating facilities, debt restructuring, construction, project, mezzanine and ABL financing.

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Denise Prokopiuk   780.482.9205


Ed Gullberg   867.766.7680
  • Financing
    • A fleet of jet aircraft
    • ABL facilities
    • A major manufacturing/processing facility in the Northwest Territories
    • Jint venture development, commercial trusts and limited partnerships
    • An electric power syndicate
    • Condominium developments on leased land
    • Condominium development on First Nation land
    • Business entities owned by First Nations and Metis Settlements
    • Commercial skiing operation in a national park
    • A major fleet of trucks and trailers operating in western Canada
    • Industrial complexes, manufacturing facilities and warehouses
    • Large and medium sized shopping malls, strip malls and office buildings
    • Limited partnerships and joint venture developers
    • New hotel construction
    • Acquisition and eventual sale of the Shawnessy Town Centre, Calgary
    • Operations of a major utility
  • Established a secure leasing system for western Canadian appliance retailer
  • Inter-corporate arrangements related to various commercial joint venture projects in the Northwest Territories
  • Interim and take-out financing of construction projects, residential developments and condominium developments
  • Land assembly involving the acquisition, financing and consolidation of a site in South Edmonton subsequently developed for lease to a major tenant
  • Many commercial lease transactions, including acting on behalf of a major financial institution as tenant, in both freestanding and multi-tenancy situations
  • Syndicated loan transactions
  • Refinancing a large national retail operation by a syndicate of lenders
  • Vendor financing of a fleet of ships and barges operating in the Mackenzie Delta, Northwest Territories
  • Vehicle inventory floor financing



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