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Your energy, environmental & regulatory issues require experience. Whatever your business, we can provide you with practical advice, when you need it, and at a reasonable cost. You can rely on our diverse experience and strong track record.

Our energy, environmental and regulatory lawyers have earned an exceptional reputation in Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut for offering responsive, creative and cost effective solutions to important energy, resources and environment related transactions, hearings and disputes.

Should your company’s activities lead to civil lawsuits, our seasoned litigation team is capable of handling any dispute. Our reputation in the litigation arena is second to none, and our lawyers are supported by an array of experienced litigation paralegals using the latest litigation management software. All of this litigation support infrastructure can be brought to bear in civil litigation relating to environmental disputes, allowing us to efficiently manage your dispute whether through the Courts, arbitration, and mediation.

Whatever the dispute, whatever the forum, McLennan Ross environmental litigators have the experience and the knowledge to guide you through the process and help you achieve a reasonable and cost-effective resolution.

For more information, please see our blog, Assessing the Impact, here.


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Supreme Court of Canada Restricts Federal Discretion in Environmental Assessments

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SCC Curtails Federal Ministries ''Discretion" in Environmental Assessment Process

Through active involvement in licensing and permitting of energy projects, McLennan Ross regulatory lawyers are well versed in Aboriginal law issues:

  • Actively involved in providing legal opinions on Aboriginal claims, providing strategic advice to industry, and involved in direct negotiations with Aboriginal consultants and their legal counsel in negotiating and completing impact benefit agreements for projects in Alberta and the NWT.
  • Involved in regulatory approval disputes regarding claimed impacts by First Nations and have made submissions to various regulators in the province of Alberta to challenge the standing of Aboriginal and Metis interventions.
  • Involved in litigation between First Nations and the Government of Alberta, where we assisted Alberta Justice with a number of actions.
  • Associate commission counsel in the public inquiry into “Policing of the Blood Indian Band”.
  • Negotiated with aboriginal groups in the course of project approvals for a variety of projects to ensure the concerns of the community were addressed while allowing the project to proceed in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Developed benefit agreement with First Nations.

This collective experience provides us with unique insight into the workings of the various First Nations groups, the attributes they all share, and the resources, expectations and legal counsel that differ among them.

By combining extensive litigation experience with broad substantive experience in the evolving arena of federal, provincial and local environmental laws, the environmental litigation team at McLennan Ross has earned a reputation for handling high-stakes, complex environmental matters spanning the landscape of environmental law.

The firm has also negotiated disputes through alternate dispute resolution and innovative settlements and has specific litigation experience in matters involving:

  • Contaminated sites
  • Air, water, wetlands and permitting litigation;
  • Judicial review and appellate litigation; and
  • Administrative hearings and proceedings involving chemicals, land use and development. 

We also have extensive experience working with clients on voluntary disclosures, internal investigations, compliance and audit programs, and other strategies to minimize the risk of being an enforcement target. When needed, we advise clients on how best to deal with surprise site inspections and search warrants, seek settlements when appropriate or take cases through trial to successful outcomes.

Our group of dedicated regulatory lawyers has been involved in some of the most significant energy and utilities related transactions, hearings, and disputes in the North, both as individuals and as a team.
We have specific expertise in the areas of: environmental licensing and regulatory affairs; effluent and air emission issues; contaminated sites; public utilities and oil and gas issues. McLennan Ross has developed strong working relationships with all levels of government and has been actively involved in environmental tribunals.

  • Appear before the Nunavut Impact Review Board and Nunavut Water Board on behalf of both Inuit organizations and developers.
  • Act as counsel to several panels under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act in hearings regarding the potential environmental impacts of projects throughout the North.
  • Secured water license and land use permit approvals for the construction of a hydroelectric dam in the Northwest Territories.
  • Secured approvals to renew water licenses for the operation of hydroelectric facilities in the Northwest Territories.
  • Acted for the applicant in an environmental assessment approval for a hydroelectric generation and transmission project in the Northwest Territories.


McLennan Ross has extensive experience representing project proponents, interveners and regulatory tribunals in the permitting and licensing of energy projects in Western Canada. Our lawyers have appeared before the:

  • National Energy Board
  • (Former) Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)
  • Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC)
  • Alberta Environmental Appeals Board
  • Alberta Surface Rights Board
  • Alberta Natural Resources Conservation Board
  • Public Lands Appeals Board

They have also appeared before joint federal review panels under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board (MVEIRB) and related tribunals in the Northwest Territories.

We have extensive experience representing clients in oil and gas permitting hearings before the AER and its predecessor, including wells, pipelines and gas plants.

We have appeared before the AUC in several major hearings for the permitting of transmission lines, power plants and other electric energy facilities.

Our lawyers have also been involved in hearings related to major mining projects, including a gold-copper mine in B.C., coal mines in Alberta and a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.

McLennan Ross has the expertise and experience you need to successful guide you through permitting processes in Western Canada and the North.

Representative Experience

  • Acted for the proponent of a large hydroelectric generation and transmission facility in the Northwest Territories. We assisted the proponent with obtaining water licenses, land use permits, and the environmental assessment approval necessary for construction and operation of the facility.
  • Appeared before joint federal review panels under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board, the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Assessment Board and related tribunals in the Northwest Territories.
  • Extensive experience representing clients in oil and gas permitting hearings before the AER, including wells, pipelines and gas plants.
  • Appeared before the AUC in several major hearings for the permitting of transmission lines, power plants and other electric energy facilities.
  • Involved in hearings related to major mining projects, including a gold-copper mine in B.C., coal mines in Alberta and a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.


McLennan Ross is involved in many aspects of gas and electric utility law in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. We act for public utilities, consumers, municipalities and land owners in various capacities.

Members of our regulatory team frequently appear before the Alberta Utilities Commission, other administrative tribunals and Appeal Courts.

Our regulatory lawyers handle rate applications and rate hearings for both gas and electric utilities. Our team possesses the experience, understanding and skill necessary for effectively representing our clients in this highly technical area of law.

Public utility regulation features many complex issues involving legal, economic, financial and operating aspects, often requiring expert evidence and extended oral public hearings. Our lawyers have extensive experience acting for parties directly involved in the utility regulation process in Alberta.

McLennan Ross also acts for landowners and other parties engaged in utility siting processes and hearings.

Representative Experience

  • We are the long time regulatory counsel to a major Alberta municipality in hearings before the Alberta Utilities Commission, and its predecessor, regarding consumer rates for electric and natural gas distribution and transmission. We appear at public hearings on a regular basis and also provide legal and policy advice for our clients on utility regulatory matters.
  • Our lawyers also act for several rural electrification associations as corporate and regulatory counsel, including representation at proceedings before Alberta Utilities Commission concerning rates and terms for the transmission and distribution of electricity in Alberta.
  • We acted for the lead intervener in proceedings before the Alberta Utilities Commission to improve major contracts involving inter-affiliate transactions among related entities of utility providers.
  • McLennan Ross has acted for landowners, across the Province, who are potentially affected by the routing and citing of high voltage electrical transmission lines, incluing the Heartland Transmission Project (in the Edmonton area), and the Western Alberta Transmission Line (WATL) Project in southern Alberta.
  • Represented a local landowner group seeking to intervene in regulatory proceedings, in opposition to construction of a mine haul road. The matter was resolved with negotiation of a settlement that provided for the financing of a water and sewage system for the affected municipality.
  • We acted for the proponent of a large hydroelectric generation and transmission facility in the Northwest Territories. We assisted the proponent with obtaining water licenses, land use permits, and the environmental assessment approval necessary for construction and operation of the facility.
  • McLennan Ross regularly advises a government transportation agency about environmental legislation applicable to its operations. Our lawyers routinely review all pertinent environmental legislation, note any updates, explain the practical implications that may affect our client, and advise appropriate courses of action.
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