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Alphabetical Lawyer Directory


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Kennedy MacDonald Calgary 403.303.2911
Kevin Madison Calgary 403.303.9123
Peter Major, Q.C. Calgary 403.303.9104
Marco Marrelli Edmonton 780.482.9314
Ryan Martin Edmonton 780.482.9217
Don McGarvey, Q.C. Edmonton 780.482.9241
Rod McLennan, Q.C. Edmonton 780.482.9201
Graham McLennan, Q.C., ICD.D Edmonton 780.482.9221
Hugh McPhail, Q.C. Edmonton 780.482.9212
Joyce Mitchell Calgary 403.543.9152
Tim Mitchell Calgary 403.303.1791
Alexis Moulton * Calgary 403.444.4081
Rob Muller Edmonton 780.482.9317
David Myrol * Edmonton,Yellowknife 780.482.9290 or 403.303.9117

* Licensed to practice in the Northwest Territories
+ Licensed to practice in Nunavut
^ Licensed to practice in Yukon
~ Licensed to practice in Quebec
= Licensed to practice in Ontario

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