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Alphabetical Lawyer Directory


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Chris Lane, Q.C. * Edmonton,Yellowknife 780.482.9238
Allie Laurent Calgary 403.303.0158
Jim Lebo, Q.C., FCIArb Calgary 403.303.9111
Marie-Pier Leduc + * ~ Yellowknife 867.766.7679
Sarah Levine Edmonton 780.482.9110
James Lingwood * Edmonton,Yellowknife 780.482.9237
Steve Livingstone Edmonton 780.482.9242
MaryAnne Loney Edmonton 780.482.9112
Erin Ludwig Calgary 403.303.1790
Lawrence Lyman Edmonton 780.482.9170
Daniella Lyman Edmonton 780.482.9103

* Licensed to practice in the Northwest Territories
+ Licensed to practice in Nunavut
^ Licensed to practice in Yukon
~ Licensed to practice in Quebec
= Licensed to practice in Ontario

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