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Alphabetical Lawyer Directory


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Iain Bailey Calgary 403.303.1683
Damon Bailey, Q.C. Calgary 403.303.9105
Navreet Bal Calgary 403.303.9122
Marco Baldasaro Calgary 403.303.9101
Michael Barbero Calgary 403.444.4079
Darren Becker, Q.C. Edmonton 780.482.9206
Robb Beeman Calgary 403.303.1690
Justine Bell Edmonton 780.482.9143
Jennifer Biernaskie Calgary 403.303.0157
Dan Bokenfohr * Edmonton,Yellowknife 780.482.9118
Doug Boyer Edmonton 780.482.9282
Nathaniel Brenneis Edmonton 780.482.9187
Christopher Buchanan + * Yellowknife 867.766.7688

* Licensed to practice in the Northwest Territories
+ Licensed to practice in Nunavut
^ Licensed to practice in Yukon
~ Licensed to practice in Quebec
= Licensed to practice in Ontario

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