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The Cannabis Industry is developing at a rapid pace creating the need for businesses and individuals to consider a variety of legal issues.
Our Cannabis Law Group understands the federal and provincial requirements that can impact your business. Lawyers from our labour and employment, insurance, human rights, health, litigation, and corporate commercial teams, all have the knowledge to assist with all matters related to Cannabis law.
We provide you with cost-effective and responsive information on a variety of issues in this area such as:

  • Administrative requirements
  • Contract drafting
  • Corporate and commercial transactions
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Insurance and risk issues
  • Labour and employment issues
  • Leasing issues, including acquiring land or facilities for producing or dispensing product
  • Negotiations on a variety of contract types
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Regulatory and licencing requirements

We are regularly monitoring the changes and updates in licencing and regulations so that our team is fully prepared to help you with any matters you or your company may face.

Alexis Moulton  
David Risling  


Dan Bokenfohr   780.482.9118
Nathaniel Brenneis   780.482.9187
Jennifer Davis   780.482.9138
Maurice Dransfeld   780.482.9223
Dave Foster   780.482.9127
Sarah Levine   780.482.9110
Denise Prokopiuk   780.482.9205
David Risling   780.482.9114
Jon Rossall, Q.C.   780.482.9216
Gerhard Seifner   780.482.9230


Amanda Cramm   403.303.9116
Blake Hafso   403.303.0159
Tory Hibbitt   403.303.1792
Joyce Mitchell   403.543.9152
Alexis Moulton   403.444.4081
Tom Ross   403.303.9124

Our team has already worked on matters such as:

  • Outlining considerations relating to, and assisting clients with all legal aspects of setting up a cannabis facility.
  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements for land for the purposes of building a facility.
  • Advising employers on issues related to cannabis and medical marijuana use in the workplace.
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