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Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act (Bill C-47)


By Sean Parker

The proposed Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act ("NPPAA”) was introduced to Parliament for first and second reading as Bill C-47 on November 6, 2012. This legislation is the long-awaited response to the federal government’s obligation under the 1993 Nunavut Land Claims Agreement (“NLCA”) to produce legislation setting out the processes for land use planning and environmental impact assessments in Nunavut. The proposed NPPAA is the product of extensive consultations with the Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and Inuit Organizations, the Nunavut Planning Commission (“Commission”) and the Nunavut Impact Review Board (“Board”), the Government of Nunavut, industry, and the public.

The proposed NPPAA outlines the process to be followed by the Commission and the Board, and proposes to establish a more streamlined system for environmental assessments and land-use approvals. The objective of the proposed legislation is to improve the impact assessment process for projects affecting the Nunavut Settlement Area, and to provide industry with clear, consistent and transparent guidelines for development. The new legislation is intended to encourage investment in Nunavut by reducing regulatory uncertainty, thus making projects in the territory more attractive and profitable.

The proposed NPPAA applies to projects both wholly inside the Nunavut Settlement Area (“NSA”) and those partly carried out in the NSA.

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