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New Labour Relations Board Vice-Chair Appointments


By Order in Council dated October 24, 2018, the Alberta Labour Relations Board has made the following appointments and reappointments, all for 3-year terms:

  1. Bertha Greenstein is a new full-time appointment as a Vice-Chair, effective December 31, 2018. Ms. Greenstein is currently the Executive Director of Negotiations and Labour Relations for Alberta Health Services and was previously the Executive Director of Mediation Services for the Government of Alberta.
  2. Les Wallace is returning as a part-time Vice-Chair, effective immediately. Mr. Wallace was a previous full-time Vice-Chair, but then left the Board to work as an arbitrator. He recently retired from his arbitration practice.
  3. Lyle Kanee is reappointed as a part-time Vice-Chair, effective immediately. Mr. Kanee is a current part-time Vice-Chair and also maintains an arbitration practice.
  4. Ian Smith is reappointed as a full-time Vice-Chair, effective November 20, 2018. In the meantime, Mr. Smith continues as a Vice-Chair under a previous appointment.

All of these appointments expire in late 2021.


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