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McLennan Ross Kicks Off United Way Fundraiser


The McLennan Ross team is combatting poverty in Alberta communities with a full month of United Way fundraiser activities. Having undertaken United Way fundraisers for over 3 decades, we look forward to another successful year with a fundraising goal of $50,000 dollars. So far, the campaign has raised $645 with a delicious “cinnamon bun kick-off” that emptied wallets and filled stomachs with an abundance of cinnamon-laced confections.

Forthcoming fundraiser events include beer and wine survivor – a voting event that crowns McLennan Ross’s reigning snifter, jeans week, and a chili cook-off finale.

McLennan Ross Associate and Campaign Chair, Allison Rudzitis, stated, “we hope these fundraisers shed light on the wealth disparity that exists in our communities and are thrilled to be working with United Way towards closing this gap”. Along with Allison, lawyers Maurice Dransfeld, James Lingwood, Kathleen Garbutt, Mike Harris, Clarissa Dhillon, Adrian Sherman, Jennifer Davis, Daniella Lyman, Marlena McMurtry, Ryan Trainer, Jessica Kruhlak, Richard Wong, Ainslie Fowler, and Justine Bell are helping run the campaign with special assistance from Graham McLennan.

We will be posting updates to our website and social media as the campaign progresses.

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