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Accelerated LMOs


 By Brian DeMong, Senior Immigration Advisor

Effective immediately Service Canada is implementing a new Accelerated Labour Market Opinion (A-LMO) Initiative to expedite pre-approved employers who have met certain established criteria in getting LMOs for most skilled temporary foreign workers within 10 business days.

The eligibility criteria employers must meet to participate in the A-LMO Initiative are as follows:

  • have been issued at least one positive LMO in the previous two years;
  • have a clean compliance record with the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) within the last two years;
  • have agreed to all of the attestations included in the A-LMO application, consenting to participate in a post A-LMO compliance review;
  • not have been the subject of an investigation, infraction or a serious complaint; and
  • not have any unresolved violations or contraventions under provincial laws governing employment and recruitment.

If the employer is deemed eligible, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada ("HRSDC")/Service Canada will issue an opinion within 10 business days. This assumes that the employer agrees to follow the necessary Program requirements and the A-LMO assessment criteria, which are essentially the same as for regular LMO Applications. Employers who want to hire temporary foreign workers using the A-LMO Initiative can apply online or send a paper application to the Service Canada Centre responsible for their area.

Please note that this is not a return to the pilot Expedited LMO (eLMO) Program for designated occupations that was cancelled a few years ago. One of the main objectives of the new initiative is to respond to employers' needs for more efficient and timely processing, important during these times of economic expansion and increasing labour shortages.

Please click here to read the notice issued by HRSDC.

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