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Northern Employers Labour & Employment Webinar Series


Join McLennan Ross for three webinars designed for employers in the three northern territories, employers who have operations north of 60, or others who have an interest in northern labour relations.

Privacy Issues: What an Employer Needs to Know

Date: Wednesday, May 25
Time: Noon - 1:30pm MDT

Presented by Michelle Thériault and Jennifer Davis, this webinar will focus on aspects of privacy law that Northern employers need to know. Topics covered will include:

  • What is personal information?
  • What an employer needs to know about collection, use and disclosure of employee personal information
  • Privacy rights of employees
  • How should I store personal information?
  • What about personal information from third parties, such as tenants, residents, clients and customers?
  • Destruction of personal information
  • Why should an employer have a privacy policy?

Administration of a Collective Agreement
This webinar took place on Wednesday, March 23. A recording of the webinar is available for those interested in purchasing access to the whole series.

Presented by Michelle Thériault and Alison Adam, this webinar discussed the day to day issues that Northern employers face in applying the terms of a collective agreement.

Discussing clauses common in northern collective agreements, this webinar covered:

  • Who is covered by the collective agreement
  • Management rights
  • Strikes/Lockouts
  • Hours of work and overtime
  • Seniority rights
  • Hiring and promoting employees
  • Benefits (including sick leave, vacation leave and benefit plans)
  • Grievances and arbitrations
  • Making changes to the collective agreement

Dealing with Performance and Absenteeism Issues
This webinar took place on Wednesday, April 27. A recording of the webinar is available for those interested in purchasing access to the whole series.

Managers and supervisors often struggle with the following two issues:

  • Employees whose performance is not what is expected, for any number of reasons
  • Employees who are not at work on a regular basis, again for any number of reasons

Presented by Michelle Thériault and James Lingwood, this addressed performance and absenteeism issues, and provided paricipants with the tools needed to manage them - with the ultimate aim of having a more productive workforce.

Performance issues covered included:

  • The difference between poor performance and misconduct, and why is it important
  • Why can you not use discipline to address poor performance
  • How to address under-performing employees
  • How to develop and administer a Performance Improvement Plan

Absenteeism issues covered included:

  • Different types of absenteeism and why different responses are required
  • How to deal with human rights issues and absenteeism
  • How to establish an attendance benchmark
  • How to determine that "enough is enough"


Cost: $195 + GST per computer link for each webinar

Special offer: Register for all three webinars at the discounted price of $390 + GST per computer link (saving of $195). Enter coupon code 3for2 to secure discount.


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