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Client Service Standards

Putting You First defines the standards of client service you can expect from McLennan Ross. Our lawyers and staff hold themselves accountable to deliver the following standards of service to each of our clients.

We will put you first:

by providing value

  • With your approval, we will assign work to the lawyer who has the legal expertise and experience appropriate to both the nature and the complexity of the matter and our understanding of your expectations.
  • We will always strive to add value by developing ideas based on an original and practical approach.
  • Our bills will be clear, correct and prompt; they will be presented in a format that meets your needs.
  • We will communicate clearly regarding fees, costs, team members, deadlines, risks and outcomes.
  • We will communicate with you using plain language.
  • We will keep you informed of emerging issues and provide you with thought leadership.

by being responsive

  • We will check for phone and e-mail messages regularly and respond to them on the same business day they were received. If a message is received after 4:00 pm or over the weekend, it will be returned the next business day.
  • If we can’t respond to a message personally, within the time frame outlined above, we will make sure that someone else who is familiar with your matter returns the call, where possible.
  • We will let you know when we will be out of reach, and give you the contact information of a firm member who can answer your questions in our absence.
  • We will make sure that you have more than one contact at the firm, and that your staff have direct contact with the firm’s staff.
  • We will respond to any concern, resolve it and let you know how the concern has been resolved.

by understanding your needs

  • We will ask you about your service preferences before, during and after each engagement.
  • We will make you aware of our client service ombudsman – and encourage you to contact this person if they are less than satisfied with our service.
  • We will listen more than we talk. We will never give the impression that we are too busy to give you our complete attention.
  • We will use our own time to develop a full understanding of your business and the industry in which it operates in order to provide practical and strategic solutions, grounded in a solid understanding of the realities of the business world and basic common sense.

by continuously improving our procedures

  • We will promptly issue a letter of engagement summarizing the nature of the matter, introducing you to your team, and outlining our rate structure.
  • Where appropriate, we will hold a team meeting with you at the start of any engagement.
  • We will endeavor to avoid surprises, by discussing proposed actions with you before they are taken.
  • We will provide you with copies of documents – in the format you prefer.
  • We will meet or exceed our deadlines. If we cannot, we will let you know well in advance.
  • We will handle client correspondence promptly upon receipt, using a routing system.
  • We will issue client surveys to determine client satisfaction and make any needed changes to our procedures based on what we learn.

If you have any questions or comments in relation to the service you received from the lawyers and staff at McLennan Ross we encourage you to contact one of our Client Service Officers:

Edmonton and Yellowknife
Steve Livingstone

Damon Bailey

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