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Articling inquiries should be addressed to:

Maurice Dransfeld

Alexis Moulton 

Ed Gullberg


Summer student inquiries should be addressed to:

Rhea Sajonas

Jullie Buehner


For all general inquiries email

Our Edmonton office has all practice groups under one roof, providing plenty of variety and opportunity.


PARTNERS      39
2018/19 HIREBACKS      100%
2017/18 HIREBACKS      100%

We have filled our 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 Articling Student positions in Edmonton.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Insurance & Risk Management
Construction Labour & Employment
Corporate Commercial Securities Media
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Municipal
Estate, Trust & Taxation Occupational Health & Safety
Financial Services Professional Liability
Health Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Calgary office specializes in advocacy and offers students a unique opportunity to experience various areas of litigation. Our practice areas include Insurance and Risk Management, Labour and Employment, Commercial Litigation as well as Energy, Environmental and Regulatory.

Summer students will have the opportunity to do work in each of these practice areas and attend questionings, hearings, arbitrations etc. Summer students generally spend four months (May through August) in our office.

Articling students will have formal rotations that take them through all of the practice areas. In addition, they will spend two weeks working with our Edmonton office to gain exposure to the additional areas of practice offered there. Articling students generally start their 12 month articling term on the last Monday in June.


The Calgary office is currently made up of the following:





Our hire-back rate is:    

2018/2019 100%                

2017/2018 100%                          

2016/2017 N/A - no students      

2015/2016 100%  

We do not accept applications for summer or articling positions outside the recruitment periods as specified by the Law Society of Alberta.

If you would like to learn more about our student program please contact any of our current articling students: Madyson Dietrich, Cesar Agudelo and Nathanael Bowles.

For any additional information about our process, please contact Jullie Buehner at

We have filled our 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 Articling Student positions in Calgary.

Practice Areas/Industry Groups

Commercial Litigation Labour & Employment
Construction Media
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Occupational Health and Safety
Health Professional Liability
Insurance & Risk Management Cannabis


Our Yellowknife office is large by Northern standards and we have over a dozen lawyers, admitted to the Northwest Territories Bar, Nunavut Bar or Yukon Bar, busy helping our northern clients.

Please note, we do not regularly take articling students in our Yellowknife office. If you are interested in articling with us in Yellowknife, please contact Edward Gullberg at




Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Estate, Trust & Taxation
Construction Financial Services
Corporate Commercial Securities Labour & Employment
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Municipal


We are pleased to introduce our 2019/20 Articling Students. You can find more information on each student by visiting their bio on our website.

If you have any questions about what it is like to article at McLennan Ross please feel free to send them an email. Please direct all questions relating to the recruitment process to the relevant articling coordinator.


Cesar Agudelo, Calgary

Nathanael Bowles, Calgary


Madyson Dietrich, Calgary

Anna Fitz, Edmonton

Katherine Hagan, Edmonton

Erik Holmstrom, Edmonton



We are no longer accepting applications from 1L summer student candidates for 2020 in our Edmonton office.


We are no longer accepting applications from 1L summer student candidates for 2020 in our Calgary office.

How many students do you take on?

In both Edmonton and Calgary, we typically hire between 3 and 4 summer students each year. Historically we have offered articling positions to those students.

We do not regularly take articling students in our Yellowknife office, but if you are interested in summering or articling with us in Yellowknife please contact Ed Gullberg, Yellowknife Managing Partner at

What is the compensation for articling students?

We pay at the market rate comparable to other mid to large sized firms in Calgary.

What are your target hours?

There is no set target for students. Our focus is on giving students the training and experience they need to become excellent associates.

How many lawyers are in each office?

Edmonton: 66

Calgary: 43

Yellowknife: 5

Is there a formal rotation?

During the articling year, the Calgary office provides a structured rotation through each of its main practice areas; Labour and Employment, Risk and Insurance and Commercial Litigation and Regulatory. In addition to the practice group rotations, Calgary students will spend two weeks in Edmonton to gain exposure to the additional areas of practice offered there.

Summer students do not have a formal rotation.


“From my first day as a summer student I immediately felt welcomed and a valued part of the McLennan Ross Calgary team.  The lawyers I was lucky enough to work alongside were incredibly supportive and took the time to explain the big picture of how the practice of law works. Partners, associates, other students, and staff were all eager to answer my questions and committed to my growth and success. This culture of mentorship has helped me develop both professionally and personally. This summer, I was able to complete meaningful work assignments but also was given opportunities to explore what litigation looks like in and out of the office. For example, I assisted with and attended a human rights tribunal hearing, questionings, mediations and court applications – all extremely interesting and educational experiences. Over the summer I learned a lot, laughed a lot, and was constantly surrounded by inspiring individuals across a variety of areas of law. Summering with McLennan Ross has given me new friendships, a wealth of knowledge, and I am excited and proud to be returning for articling.”
Kristen Hamilton, University of Alberta, 1L Summer Student 2019

“The McLennan Ross Calgary office offers students the opportunity to work on complex files with a variety of clients within the collegial environment of a mid-size firm.  My first impression of the firm was the genuine effort made by associates and partners in providing mentorship, answering questions, sharing experiences and bringing students along to the various client activities occurring within the firm.  The firm’s size is the ideal environment to get involved in complex and challenging issues, while still providing the opportunity to make your mark in the firm in the early years of a law career.”
Nicole Suitor, University of Calgary, 1L Summer Student 2019

“McLennan Ross provides summer students the invaluable opportunity to learn and do meaningful work at an early stage in their legal career. Over my summer at McLennan Ross, I attended hearings, wrote research memos, and learned from experienced litigators. I worked with Partners and Associates in various practice areas who are at the top of their game and anxious to share their knowledge and experience with young lawyers.  Coming straight from 1L to a firm can be intimidating, but at McLennan Ross I felt supported every step of the way. From its Partners, to Associates, and staff, the firm had the 'fit' factor everyone had been talking about - for me, it was all about the people!"
Samantha Nault, University of Toronto, 1L Summer Student 2019

Here is some general information to help you with your overall approach to application and interview process.


Consider what size and type of firm you are interested in – small, medium or large? Boutique or general practice? Once you have an idea of what you want, go to the legal directories and to the internet and identify which firms meet your criteria.

Take time to research various firms and learn what you can about each. Learn enough about the firms so you can differentiate them in your own mind during the interview process. Contact current articling students as they can provide valuable insight into the application process and what to expect at that particular firm.

Go into the process with an open mind, looking for a summer position or articling position should be seen as an opportunity to learn more about different firms and practice areas. Identify and understand your goals and interests so that you can ask questions that will help you decide which firm is right for you.


Your cover letter and resume are the first impression that the firm will have of you. This is your first opportunity to make an impression and there are a few common pitfalls that you can avoid. By all means highlight your achievements, your background and your hobbies, but ensure that you have made no spelling or grammatical errors and that you have taken time to write a cover letter that speaks to your interest in McLennan Ross specifically. This is where the research that you have done will help you, ensuring that you understand what types of law each firm and each office practice, you can be more intentional in your cover letter. Be sure to include your transcripts and any references that you have during the application process.


The interview is the most critical part of the process at McLennan Ross. Prepare for the interview carefully. It is helpful to demonstrate some knowledge our firm and the lawyers who are interviewing you (this is another reason to do your research). Common tips for a successful interview would include dressing professionally, making eye contact, be courteous and be on time. This is an opportunity for the people that you meet to see who you are and how you may fit into the firm. Be yourself.

Remember that the interview is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the firm and to assess whether this is a fit for you. You should prepare questions that you want to ask in advance. You should make note of the answers so that you can refer back to them later. Engage with every person that you meet during the process, it will help you get a feel for the workplace culture.


It is helpful to make or add to any notes that you took immediately after the interview while the conversations and people are fresh in your mind. This will also allow you to make a note of any additional questions that you may have not had the opportunity to ask.  

The interviewers always appreciate hearing back from candidates after the interview and it is a great opportunity to ask a follow up question or express your interest in the firm.

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