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Articling inquiries should be addressed to:

Dave Risling  


Jeff Weidman  


Glenn Tait  

Summer student inquiries should be addressed to:

Shawna Bala

Jullie Buehner


For all general inquiries email

Our Edmonton office has all practice groups under one roof, providing plenty of variety and opportunity.

PARTNERS      38
2015/16 HIREBACKS      100%
2014/15 HIREBACKS      100%

We have filled our 2017/2018 Articling Student positions in Edmonton.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Insurance & Risk Management
Construction Labour & Employment
Corporate Commercial Securities Media
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Municipal
Estate, Trust & Taxation Occupational Health & Safety
Financial Services Professional Liability
Health Restructuring & Insolvency

Our Calgary office specializes in advocacy, offering students a unique opportunity to experience various areas of litigation. There are no opportunities to practice corporate solicitor work in Calgary, but you will spend three weeks of your articling year working in our Edmonton office, where you will be exposed to the entire spectrum of practice groups the firm offers.

PARTNERS      17
ARTICLING STUDENTS 2016/2017      0
2015/16 HIREBACKS      100%
2014/15 HIREBACKS      100%

We are now accepting applications for a 2018-2019 Articling Student for the Calgary office of McLennan Ross. Interested candidates are asked to send a current CV, cover letter, transcripts and reference letters via e-mail to Zandrhea Pelimiano.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Labour & Employment
Construction Media
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Occupational Health & Safety
Health Professional Liability
Insurance & Risk Management  

Our Yellowknife office is large by Northern standards and we have over a dozen lawyers, admitted to the Northwest Territories Bar, Nunavut Bar or Yukon Bar, busy helping our northern clients.

Please note, we do not regularly take articling students in our Yellowknife office. If you are interested in articling with us in Yellowknife, please contact Glenn Tait at

2013/14 HIREBACKS      100%

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation Estate, Trust & Taxation
Construction Financial Services
Corporate Commercial Securities Labour & Employment
Energy, Environmental and Regulatory Municipal


We are pleased to introduce our 2016/17 Articling Students.

If you have any questions about what it is like to article at McLennan Ross please feel free to send them an email. Please direct all questions relating to the recruitment process to the relevant articling coordinator.

Nathaniel Brenneis, Edmonton

I graduated law school from the University of Alberta this past spring, and I feel very lucky to be articling at McLennan Ross. While it is a larger firm with many different practice areas to explore, it is also deeply invested in the local community and takes educating its students very seriously. Most importantly, it has been a great place to article. I am challenged and inspired every week, and I have found all of my colleagues to be thoughtful, dedicated and fun to work with.

Outside of work and school, I love exploring new places, staying active, and spending time with my friends and family. I also have a strong (if slightly unhinged) passion for soccer, whether I’m playing, coaching or just watching.

Applying for firm interviews can be a daunting process. If you have any questions about McLennan Ross, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mustafa Farooq, Edmonton
My name is Mustafa Farooq. I went to Osgoode Hall and the U of A for law school. Wanting to further improve on an area of academic interest, I went to UC Berkeley’s School of Law to complete an LLM before returning to McLennan Ross LLP for my article. Previously, I’ve worked as a research student and a summer student with the Crown Prosecution at Alberta Justice. I’m honoured to be take the next step of my life with McLennan Ross LLP.

In terms of the interview process, I would say that the most important thing to do is to follow that old advice of Polonius, “This above all: to thine own self be true”. McLennan Ross LLP is an firm that assembles incredible talent through its diverse group of advocates. Demonstrating what wakes you up in the morning is an important part of figuring out if you fit with the McLennan Ross LLP team. I chose McLennan Ross LLP in large part because I prefer working with a team that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still provides outstanding training and access to horizon-expanding work.

Although I am skeptical of the notion of pride, and the notion of a proudest moment, my “proudest moment” would likely be the day I got married to my amazing and gorgeous wife, or the day that my son was born.

While McLennan Ross LLP certainly expects hard work and dedication from their students, I have also been given the opportunity, alongside the other students, to still maintain a good work/life balance, and to pursue my favourite activities. I enjoy going for long drives with my wife, working out with my much-stronger and much more “bro” status brothers, and volunteering to make Edmonton a better place.

If you ever have any other questions about working at McLennan Ross, please do not hesitate to contact me at Seriously: I would appreciate you sending me an email, so I can get to know the next batch of amazing students (did I mention that the other articling students with me are fantastic to work with?).

Dave Foster, Edmonton

After having graduated from the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, I am fortunate enough to now be articling with McLennan Ross. This firm offers a wide variety of practice areas where you get to work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most inspirational and distinguished lawyers practicing in Western Canada. While the learning curve is steep, it is greatly rewarding. The firm truly has an open-door policy where the partners and associates are always willing to make time for students.

My former career involved working in discretionary investment finance. I have found that my experience working with clients in that regard has proven invaluable to my adjustment in dealing with important legal matters on behalf of the clients of the firm.

My other interests include playing rock n roll and garage rock, and the firm has enough like-minded people to have its own band. I am looking forward to my inaugural performance with the JPR Experience.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the application process for articles, please do not hesitate to ask.

Jessica Kruhlak, Edmonton

I obtained my law degree from Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. Being a new law school with smaller class sizes, I valued the camaraderie, relationships and support that TRU provided. This encouraged me to article at a firm that promoted a positive firm culture and offered an extensive, supportive articling program. Having worked in the mailroom throughout grade school and as a Summer Law Student at McLennan Ross I was no stranger to its fantastic work environment. McLennan Ross has the resources, notoriety and practice range of a largescale firm, yet maintains a true sense of community and support among its lawyers and staff.

Prior to attending law school, I received my Bachelor of Commerce from the Alberta School of Business. Taking business law courses and working in the franchise industry sparked my interest in commercial law. I am currently in my corporate commercial articling rotation at McLennan Ross and have already had the opportunity to assist with commercial and residential real estate transactions and draft a variety of corporate contracts.

The law aside, I enjoy unwinding at yoga, travelling or staying local and checking out new restaurants and festivals around the city. If you have any questions about McLennan Ross, the articling experience in general or any restaurant recommendations please feel free to contact me!


We are now accepting applications from 1L summer student candidates for 2018 in our Edmonton and Calgary offices. 1L students interested in the professional growth opportunities offered in our team based environment are invited to apply. We give preference to 1L students for summer positions and we consider our summer students for future articling positions.

Interested candidates are asked to send a current CV, cover letter, transcripts and reference letters to:

Shawna Bala | | 780.482.9218
Application Deadline: February 10, 2018

Jullie Buehner | | 403.303.1653
Application Deadline: February 9, 2018

What are your target hours?

There is no set target for articling students. It’s more important that our students gain the training and experience they need to become excellent associates.

What are your hire-back numbers?

We hired 100% of our 2015/16 and 2014/15 articling classes as associates.

How many articling students do you hire?

We typically hire between 3 and 4 articling students each year in the Edmonton office and 1 or 2 articling students in the Calgary office. We do not regularly take articling students in our Yellowknife office, but if you are interested in articling with us in Yellowknife please contact Glenn Tait, Yellowknife Managing Partner at

What is the compensation for articling students?

We pay a market rate comparable to other mid to large sized firms.

How many lawyers are in each office?

Partners Associates
Edmonton 38 24
Calgary 17 15
Yellowknife 2 1

Is there a formal rotation?

All articling students will be exposed to the entire spectrum of practice groups and the varying issues and tasks of each group.

There is a planned rotation in place in Edmonton which exposes each student to the entire spectrum of practice groups and the varying issues and tasks of each group. Edmonton students spend two weeks of their articling year working in our Calgary office.

Calgary articling students will spend three weeks of their articling year working in our Edmonton office.

Sarah Levine, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2016)

McLennan Ross provides both a challenging and fulfilling articling experience. As a mid-size regional firm, it provides its articling students with an ideal and unique learning environment where the knowledge and experience of all associates and partners in the firm are accessible to draw from, and the clients and files that are worked on are both sophisticated and challenging. McLennan Ross services its clients in a wide variety of practice areas, which allows students to work with lawyers in several different areas of legal practice. This hands-on approach to training articling students to become self-sufficient and successful young lawyers continues when students transition to becoming junior associates, making McLennan Ross not only an excellent choice for a well-rounded article but also a great start to a successful legal career.

Iain Bailey, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2016)
The Calgary office is an ideal environment for a candidate who is interested in becoming a Barrister, and who has an open mind about what areas he or she is interested in. In my articling year at McLennan Ross, I worked on cases canvassing numerous subjects, including commercial disputes, labour & employment matters, criminal allegations, occupational health & safety, personal injury defence, product liability, professional liability, family law, estate law, and media law. Juniors at McLennan Ross are given meaningful roles in important cases. The firm is big enough for associates to get any help they need, and small enough that hard work makes an impression amongst the ranks.

Jennifer Davis, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2015)
I had an excellent articling year with McLennan Ross. My experiences were varied, challenging, and I felt supported throughout the year. One of the defining features of my articling was the open door policy and a real emphasis on mentorship from every level – staff, associates, and partners. Early on I was given the opportunity to run with a file, under the supervision of an excellent litigator who had no shortage of patience for my concerns and questions.  Having the opportunity to learn and train under some of the leading practitioners in their respective fields has been incredibly rewarding.

Allison Rudzitis, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2015)

Articling with McLennan Ross is both challenging and rewarding. The size of the firm means that there is no shortage of industry and practice groups to be exposed to; this ensures that the nature of your assignments will always be interesting and dynamic. I particularly enjoyed this aspect of the firm, as I always felt challenged in my work.

Lawyers here also give students real responsibility on files. Early into articles, students are tasked with running files with the supervision of the responsible lawyer. This ‘hands on’ approach provides for a great learning experience, as the student must figure out legal, procedural, and administrative aspects of a running a file.

Marco Baldasaro, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2014)

My articling experience at the Calgary office of McLennan Ross was both challenging and rewarding. I had the luxury of exposure to a wide variety of quality litigation files in diverse areas of practice including commercial litigation, labour and employment, and regulatory matters. Lawyers at the firm are approachable and generous with their time, which makes the learning curve of articling far more endurable.

As an associate, I enjoy the high level of autonomy entrusted to juniors. You can expect to be given sole carriage of files very early in your career at McLennan Ross. For an aspiring litigator, there’s no better way to hone your craft.

Steve Schott, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2012)
I really enjoyed my articling experience at McLennan Ross’ Calgary office. From the very beginning, the lawyers and staff went out of their way to make me feel like a valuable member of the team and have always been there to provide help and support whenever I have needed it.

When articling, I found myself facing new and difficult challenges every day, but with the mentorship and guidance I received from the partners and associates at McLennan Ross, I knew that I was capable of taking on these challenges and developing the skills I need to be successful in practice. As a young lawyer, I look forward to carrying on this tradition by doing the same for students beginning their legal career with our firm. 

Blake Hafso, Associate
(Bar Admission: 2012)
Articling and working as an associate at the McLennan Ross Calgary office has been an excellent experience. From my first days here I have gained practical experience and significant exposure to all levels of litigation. I count myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside esteemed and highly skilled litigators in a collegial and positive atmosphere. McLennan Ross also provides great support for ongoing legal development and a number of great events such as Stampede, retreats and other events throughout the year.  McLennan Ross provides a well-rounded experience and I would highly recommend it. 

Alexis Moulton, Partner
(Bar Admission: 2001)
When I was looking for an articling position I had no experience with the law or law firms but from the minute I stepped off the elevator and started meeting the people at McLennan Ross I thought it would be a great place to work. 15 years later I am still here and credit McLennan Ross with supporting me in my development as a lawyer, encouraging me to find the areas I was interested in, and allowing me opportunities for my own personal growth as well as the growth of my legal practice.  I was fortunate to find the right fit with McLennan Ross and am really proud to have articled, become an associate and eventually a partner in the firm.”


Here is some general information to help you, not only if you decide to apply to us, but with your overall  approach to interviews.

Preparation. Do your homework. Analyze what kind of firm you want – small, medium, large? Boutique or general practice? Then go to the legal directories and to the internet and identify which firms meet your criteria.

Use your own resources- friends, relatives, classmates, professors – to learn what you can about each firm. Learn enough about the firms so you can differentiate them in your own mind during the interview process. Contact our current articling students – it wasn’t that long ago that they were having to make the same decision as you.

Attitude. Looking for articles should not be seen as a chore, but as an opportunity. Go into the process with an open mind. Identify and understand your goals. If you are successful in matching up with a good firm, your future is bright.

The Resume. This is the document that gets you through the door. Make the hiring committee want to meet you. By all means highlight your achievements, your background and your hobbies, but think about the most interesting thing about you and make sure the committee knows it. Don’t forget to attach educational transcripts and provide references.

The Interview. For us at least, this is probably the most critical part of the process. If you’ve come this far, there is obviously something about you, your background and your achievements that interests your interviewer. Prepare for the interview carefully. Each firm is different in its style, but you can’t go wrong by demonstrating some knowledge of the firm and your interview, and some basis for your interest in that firm.

Try and make the interview a dialogue by coming prepared with some questions of your own. Finally, at the end of the interview, ask if you can have a look around – it helps you get a feel for the workplace culture, and you will probably get a chance to meet some of the lawyers you might be working with.

Post Interview. Did you take notes? After three or four interviews in one day, the distinctions between the firms start to blur. It is helpful at the end of the day to refresh your memory of each firm. Rate them as you go along, if that helps.


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